So. Australia’s PM has announced that we’ll be voting for a new Prime Minister and federal parliament during the holiest time of my year – during the AFL finals series. What the frick?

Here’s our choice from my point of view:

  • A party that fights and bickers among themselves, generally fucks everything it touches, make life harder for average people, increase taxes and put rules and regulations of every little bit of life.
  • A party that wants to lower wages and conditions of workers, lower taxes for rich people, make life harder for average people and treat poorer people with absolute contempt. Sounds great doesn’t it!

So that’s where 113 years of federation has ended up. It seems that progress has been made from 1901 until about 1995-96. After that everything has become very ho-hum and based upon economic outcomes – not necessarily what’s best for society. But, does society exist anymore? Thatcher tried her best to ignore it and most western governments are doing the same whether they are from the left or the right side of politics.

Everybody just has to get used to the fact that we are economic units now. We are not individuals anymore. Even though conservatives will champion our freedom and individuality as something to be cherished , they really actually only want freedom and individual rights for people who hold significant wealth.

Australia will get the government it deserves in September. Most likely a government that encourages exploitation of low income workers, rewards fat baby-boomers for making money while sitting on their arses and a government that helps widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots.