I’ve been really missing Melbourne lately (well, for the last 6 years actually) and last week my wife purchased me return tix to Melbourne in order to take part in a little celebration at my old cricket club in Richmond last weekend. It was great seeing old cricket club buddies that I haven’t seen for 7 years or so. And when I wasn’t catching up with people I was walking around and checking out my old haunts.

Nothing much has changed in Melbourne. There’s a few more tall buildings around and the inevitable loss of some kooky little pubs and cafés, but nothing like the destruction of culture and architecture I have witnessed throughout Sydney and Brisbane. One thing that definitely hasn’t changed is the loudness of Melburnians in public places and their love of eating obnoxiously smelling food on trains and trams. Not that there’s a problem with either of my observations, I just love the outgoing nature of Melbourne in general.

My old haunts, Swan St. in Richmond and High St in Northcote and Thornbury are basically food and drink destinations now with most of the old dress shops, book shops and shoe shops having disappeared. Non-hospitality shopfronts are surviving by being a specialist in a particular style or genre which is great. The less crapola shops that exist the better – you know the type, a shoe shop that sells books and offers haircuts and sells instant coffee.

I can honestly now say that Brisbane is just a chore now. Anything I do here is just incidental and is a means of getting me back to civilisation. Now where’s that extra $600 000 I need so I can buy a shack and not have to pay rent in Melbourne…..?