I haven’t read anybody’s blogs for ages now. It’s a shame really. That’s mainly because the stuff I read used to be personal stories, everyday life and stories that gave me an insight into the way other people were thinking and feeling. It was all information that I was very interested in until I got married, started a business and bought a house. My personal developments turned me into an inward looking dick I think. Maybe that last sentence was a bit harsh because I’m always interested in other people’s experiences, their lives and their thoughts. But you know what I mean , I just turned inward for a while.

But anyway, one of the bloggers I’ve followed for ages has just got his driving licence. Yaksox. I always thought he’d be a driver anyway since he loved Formula 1 so much. I was mistaken. On his second attempt (not bad) he succeeded in convincing a VicRoads nitpicker to give him a piece of plastic.

In the last few months I have been hearing of my teenage neighbours’ experiences in getting their licences. I hear all the horror stories. Mainly of their stuffups. Failure to give way. Rolling through a stop sign etc. I hear of strangely aggressive and overly strict driving assessors and tales of assessors appearing to nod off during the driving exam. So when my neighbours ask me about my test I just tell them how easy it was back in 1990.

I went to the Redcliffe branch of Queensland Transport in Sutton St, Redcliffe. I had pre-paid and booked my test. I jumped into my Mum’s Holden Gemini and the instructor told me to drive around for a bit, perform a parallel park outside the Redcliffe Pool then take him to the Captain Cook Tavern drive-thru bottleshop. He bought a box of beer and I drove him back to his office, Bingo. I got a driving licence. 10 minutes. Done.

Brisbane only had half the traffic then as it does now though. I think some people are still getting their licences with my assessor.